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Tatra Mountains
This guide is for alpine climbers and low budget travellers. Those of you who want to visit France will find it most usefull. Whether you are a first time visitor or you have already been to France, you are sure to find this country annoying. "Budget travellers" section of this site will prepare you for some of its nasty surprises. Should you wish to climb in Tatras -a more raliable, low budget winter alternative to Scotland, then go directly to "Alpine climbers" part. You get here all required information in order to act, right now and right here. "Short stories" include tales of death defying routes and massive epics. They are written to entertain, educate and inspire both climbers and travellers.

happy_on_granaty.jpgOver the next dozen or so pages I am sharing the experience of leading alpine style life in France the mountains richest European country. For eighteen months I lived a life of a snow bum on rather limited resources. Proximity to wild alpine nature and developed infrastructures of Chamonix - a cultural melting pot, the climbing Mecca, provided a framework to search for a recipe of more balanced world. By discovering similarities between "alpine climbing" and low budget lifestyle I managed to develop the philosophy, which consistently bonds the diverse components of my life. I adopted alpine style not only as a way of climbing but also as a way of living. At the same time I absorbed and incorporated to my own a mixture of French and British climbing practice.

On the bad side, in a divided community of Provanciens and English expats I developed slightly xenophobic and hostile attitude to certain things under a strong nationalistic banner "francais". Aware of that new and still immature feeling influencing the way I think and write I thank you for ignoring a bit of sarcasm appearing in this guide.