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Louise, my first and only French girlfriend put on a corset with a pair of jeans and a slightly open shirt on our first date. Later this universal outfit became my favorite of her all. "Dressed like that I'm always ready for anything", she used to say.

I had a privilege to discover slight differences in French and English women attitude to lingerie. Encouraged by my limited but how sweet experience and "Two lipsticks and a lover" book by 
Helena Frith Powell I have put down some findings about French woman and lingerie.

"French women wear lingerie for themselves and not for men. Underwear is more important to French women than it is to an average English girl. French women don’t mind spending money on underwear, some French devote up to 90% of their salary to buying underwear. British women buy more underwear than French women, but it’s cheaper and more likely to be from Marks & Spencer rather than from Chantal Thomass Options. French women also like comfortable underwear, but above all it must be well designed, made from high quality materials and it has to enhance the way they feel about themselves.

Underwear is all about seduction. But for a French woman this can mean the seduction to herself, to feel happy in her skin. When an English girl wants to be seductive she will show her underwear really obviously. The French will also show a little, to give a hint, but this must never look forced or sluttish. It must look like an accident, otherwise it's not attractive. For French it is absolutely crucial that underwear is matching. French women wear their underwear in order to look sexy when they take their clothes off, and it has to be absolutely perfect. The changing rooms in top lingerie shops in Paris have two buttons on the wall; one to call an assistant to help you with sizes and styles. The other one is to change the light inside the cubicle from day to night. This allows clients to see how their new bra will look when their lover undresses them".
My English girlfriend on Sunday morning would wear her tracksuit bottoms and Gap hooded top, Louise used to unwind in her sexiest outfit. I love and miss them both, and I thank them for the happiest Sundays of my life.

To learn even more about the subject I strongly recommend reading "Two lipsticks and a lover" book by Helena Frith Powell.