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Finding decent information about climbing in Tatras could be a struggle. Most of it is written in Slovak or Polish. The rest has strong advertising focus. I've made an effort to collect, and present here in plain english, concise material that's necessary to prepare your budget climbing holiday in Tatras.

My only wish is to make the Tatra Mountains more accessible as their beauty is the best self-promoting tool. Tatras certainly present a low cost, weather reliable winter climbing alternative to some other, no doubts also interesting, European climbing regions.

Here you will be able to:
plan how to get there at low cost,
find out the Tatras' ski touring and climbing potential and the best climbing valleys,
plan a low budget mid-grade climbing trip to a quiet valley,
choose the most aesthetic peaks and famous walls,
select a list of both the hardest modern routes, best classics and icefalls,
see detailed topos of the best summer and winter climbing regions in Tatras,
assess the value of a winter climbing course in Polish Tatras,
learn to choose a good guide,
build a list of climbing golden rules contributing to the increased safety of your adventures,
find out about reliable, technical equipment from an uncovered gear guide,
finally you will learn the basic climbing terms in Slovak and Polish and ensure your bed in a mountain hut.

Do not forget to entertain yourself reading selected here for you short stories and to visit the gallery of pictures.
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