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Salatinska Valley is the most popular valley in northern part of Western Slovak Tatras. The access to the valley in winter is facilitated by well-used road. This road leads to a ski resort in Rohacska Valley. In Rohacska Valley there are ski lifts to take skiers to 1300 m altitude just above the upper boundary of the forest. From above the trees you carry on to a well visible now Salatinska Valley.

Ziarska Valley located in Western Tatras is one of the best known and most often visited ski alpinism regions in Slovakia. High number of tours and descents ensure you will never get bored in this varied terrain. The valley is popular among of-piste snowboarders. This is due to very good boot tracks leading to all peaks and cols in Ziarska Valley.

Apart from itiniraries described in Tatras Ski Tours section Ziarska Valley offers a long list of difficult ski alpinism descents. There are narrow and steep couloirs in Banikovsky kotel basin, steep slopes of S ridge of Nohavice basin or south slopes and couloirs of Troch kop massive. South slopes and SE arête of Pristop offer a very serious ski alpinism adventure.

Approach to Ziarska Valley:
There is a road that takes you from the mouth of the valley to the Ziarska hut. As long as it is cleared of the snow you can drive and park your car right by the hut. However, in most winters you will have to leave your car at the mouth of the valley and walk up to the hut. Beware of avalanches, which may occur in the upper part of this approach. The distance from the bus stop to the hut is 5,7km and 480m-altitude rise.