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Velka Studena Valley is one of the best areas for ski alpinism in High Tatras. Not so difficult area of "Zbojnicky Spad - General" is one of most frequently ski toured regions. Other best itineraries lead through steep fields of Maly Zawrat and from Priecne sedlo col through Strelecke polia. Skiing down Slavkovske sedlo col to Vereskova Valley, Slackovska jama, Studene sedlo col or couloirs below Prostredny hrot ridge are among most difficult and interesting ski alpinism descents. Other even more extreme descents are located in E walls of Slavkovsky peak, Vevevkovhy couloir and down Javorom peaks.

Mala Studena Valley does not offer as varied options as the neighboring Velka Studena Valley. Still you can get to Velka Studena Valley by Priecne sedlo col or skiing from Baranie sedlo col or Lomnicke sedlo col via Filmarsky couloir. To Mala Studena Valley you get from Terycho hut or Zamkovskego hut. Both huts are easy accessible from Hrebieniok hut (1280m). Terycho hut (2015m) is 5,7 km away from Hrebieniok hut, and on your way there after the first 2,7km, you pass by Zamkovskego hut at the altitude of 1475m. velka_avalanch_final