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With special thanks for partnership, support and inspiration, for editorial help and photographic materials to:

Louise Tysk, Andy Turner, Chris Johns, Daniel, Felix Hoddinett, Grzegorz Mroz, Ian Gibbs, Jarek Caban, Jarek Wozniak, Jeremy Thornley, Manu Didier, Mark Ryle, Mark Kendrick, Miles, Przemo at qsqs studio, Serge, Stephen Reel, Oliver Metherell, Tony Grant and Vincent Glauzy

While effort is made to provide accurate information, I take no personal responsibility for the information provided on this site. Mountains offer various levels of risks, ranging from weather, wild animals, the terrain and human judgement. You should always prepare for the unexpected when visiting mountains. Use this site as guidelines for your trips, but plan for the trip as you would have done without this information.