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alpine climbing - in the "alpine game" activists not only have to deal with the problems posed by actual climbing but also with the "objective" dangers of a frequently hostile environment in high mountains. The rules of free and light weight climbing govern the game. This often means very scarce food, drink and bivvy gear.
cragging - climbing on one pitch long cliffs
pitch - a section of climb between two climbing partners and no longer than the length of one rope
drytooling - to ascend a section of rock using ice tools - very common in mixed climbing
to camel drink - drinking considerable amounts of water a day before long serious attempt to reduce dehydration and weight of gear
to move together - climbing simultaneously, roped up
diedre - open book shaped rock formation
ice screw - a protection device for ice climbing. Looks like a large bolt that can be screwed in hard ice
belay - a safe stance consisting of an anchor, a rope, and a person belaying, to belay - to secure leading climber
knife blade - peg - metal spike hammered into a crack
crevasse - a crack in the surface of a glacier
skinning - skiing up snowy or icy slopes, the name comes from skins that are glued under skis to provide friction to stop you from sliding back
harnesses - a piece of sling around climbers hips allowing to connect partners with a rope
cow's tail - a short rope with a karabiner at one the end, tied to harness on another
space blanket - thin aluminium foil used in emergency to wrap up body and stop you from loosing heat

English-Slovak-Polish climbing terms
peak - st?t - szczyt
tower - veza - wieza
valley - dolina - dolina
fold - kotlina - kotlina
ice - lad - lod
icefall - ladop?d - lodospad
summer - leto - lato
winter - zima - zima
north (N) - sever (S) - polnoc
east (E) - v?chod (V) - wschod
south (S) - juh (J) - poludnie
west (W) - z?pad (Z) - zachod
face, wall - stena - sciana
ridge - hrebeò - gran
route - cesta - droga
dihedral - k?t - zaciecie
pillar - pilier - filar
overhang - previs - przewieszka
slab, slabs - platòa, platne - plyta
crack -sp?ra - szczelina
chimney - kom?n - komin
ledge -polica - polka
block - blok - blok
bolt - nit - nit
piton - skoba - hak
ascent - v?stup - wejscie
descent - zostup - zejscie
climbing - lezenie - wspinanie
mountaineer- horolezec - wspinacz

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