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Americans have the world's widest spread chain supermarkets. The French are No. 2 but the products they offer are among the most expensive in Europe. The total rip-off shops in France are located in small and medium sized towns. I found "Cassino" and "Supper U" hitting the top of the list. It is best to avoid Cassinos as no one has ever won there. Red loses, black loses, you come and go away empty handed with a net of sprouting potatoes and smelly cheese in your shopping bag. Again and again you contribute to the latest Rolex watch model on Cassino owner's wrist. He has joint a race with his neighbour at "Supper U" in a game called Mugging U. They will throw away food which has passed the "best before" date, rather than sell it at a discounted price. We developed a powerful tool against their greedy capitalistic tactics. It was baptised Maggie - Margaret Thatcher "la poubelle" snatcher. It was an ice axe tied to a long stick. With Maggie we could dive into the "Mugging U" rubbish bins to hook and pull out big black bags full of thrown away food. I know it sounds bad. I suppose we did it for a bit fun. The catch was often very impressive and usually well wrapped up ensuring acceptably hygienic food.

I believe that you are what you eat so eat well, take only food of good quality. Shop wisely in bulk in the out-of town supermarkets and learn recipes that allow to economise.


  • You are what you eat
  • Buy in bulk in out of town supermarkets
  • Develop low budget recipes
  • Digging in bins could provide hygiene food, do it only if desperate