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How The French fouled the world
Not all that we have learnt about France is true
French culture is generally over promoted
It is the gap between our expectations and the reality that makes us feel unsatisfied
French arrogance and mismanagement are not going to change
There is still enough to love and make us want to visit France again

The importance of obeying "INTERDIT" rule
French schools are not necessary the best place to learn French
French over regulation makes our stay there more expensive
Avoid it by ignoring it and playing a "dumb blonde" game when caught
Don't be ashamed of breaking the rules, be wise

Travelling and hitch-hiking
A combination of Youth Hostels and a rail pass may be the best choice for couples
You can enjoy a simple bivvy even in big towns and it will cost you nothing
Ask at petrol stations and "peage" to get a lift

How to sleep rough
Get yourself a caravan or find a shacking, squatting place
When in a shack obey its rules, respect flatmates, be flexible and understanding
When sleeping in wild it's better to confront animals than people

Shopping and eating
You are what you eat
Buy in bulk in out of town supermarkets
Develop low budget recipes
Digging in bins could provide hygiene food, do it only if desperate
Keep your eyes and ears sharp for the strikes of good fortune

Animals instincts

Sleeping in the wilds you are sure to meet up with animals face to face
With time your body and mind will prepare itself for such encounters
Stay cool and respect nature
You will discover your wild side, it's a part of self understanding process

Learning how to learn
It is a long way to take you from theory to practice
Don't exaggerate with your light style, have the minimum of resources
Pair with someone who has complimentary skills
In critical situations even the moon can be a decent source of light and warmth

An epic of many mistakes
Small mistakes cumulate and can cause a big epic
Communication is one of the 4 pillars for safe adventures to build working partnership
Self-responsibility, motivation and experience are the other three

Toe freezing trilogy
Listen to early warning bells ringing
Experience is the result of poor judgment, good judgment is the result of experience
Your mind is only interpretation it's not your memory, regularly update and read your log book.