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Mountain Rescue phone numbers
Slovakia: 0052 4422820, mobil: 0052 903 624 869
Poland: 0048 601 100 300
Meteo over the phone in Slovakia: 0988 71 71 71

Main peaks and their walls
It's not an easy task to choose the best peaks in such an extensive area as the Tatras. My main criteria are the number of sizeable walls, classic routes and their potential for high mountain adventure.

Other factors considered are:
- the beauty of a peak and its surroundings
- accessibility
- its historical value

There are several peaks and walls that are of great historical importance and provide superb value for those who seek a moderate adventure. Among them could be Koscielec, Zamarla Turnia, Granaty or Mnich. You will find more about them in a mid-grade rock climbing section written for you by my good friend and climbing partner Tony Grant.

All peaks are grouped according to their proximity to the closest hut. Both Slovak and Polish names are given in brackets. The huts and peaks are presented here in order from W to E and marked on the High Tatras map.

Access from Morskie Oko hut - 32 beds, tel: +48 18 207 7609
1. Velky Mengusovsky Stit (Mieguszowiecki Szczyt) - N wall 900m divided into 3 big steps, E wall 400m.
2. Vychodny Mengusovsky Stit (Mieguszowicki Szczyt Czarny) - 800m tall and 450m wide wall "Hist.", superbly exposed above Czarny Staw (Black Tarn). The Polish "wall of walls", our training ground for Himalayas, nicknamed "Zerwa" (pulpit). Click here for its hardest routes league.

Access from Pod Rysami refuge - 16 beds, mob: + 421 903 181051 or
from Pri Popradskom Plese hut - 124 beds tel: +421 52 449 2765 or +421 52 449 2177
3. Vysoka (Wysoka) - N wall 500m and E 450m, two summits and two ridges, one of the best views from its summit.
4. Mlynar (Mlynarz) massif - topographically complicated 300m TD+ to ED-.
5. Ganek (Galeria Gankowa) - 300m N-W TD to ED- "Hist.", superb wall cut just for climbing, narrow but deep chimney right in the middle of the wall called Lapinskiego & Paszczuchy and enormous chimney in the right section of the wall called Stanislawskiego, uniquely good quality rock.

Access from Sliezsky Dom hotel - 80 beds, tel: +421 52 4425261
6. Koncista (Konczysta) - E wall 400m, also has a nice pillar and a good ridge.
7. Gierlachovsky Stit (Gierlach) - it's the most massive and the highest mountain in the Tatras (2663m). It has 6 main summits and several cols. Its 500-600m tall walls drop into 3 valleys: Batizovska, Kacacia and Velicka.

Access from Zamkovskeho or Bilikova hut - 20 beds, tel: +421 52 4422636, mob: +421 905554471
8. Slavkovsky Stit (Slawkowski Szczyt) - NE 950m wall, complicated topographically, on Velka Studena Valley side lots of pillars and couloirs, excellent and vast view from the top.

Access from Terycho hut - 18 beds, tel: +421 52 4425245
9. Jaworovy Stit (Jaworowy Szczyt) and its gendarme called Maly Jaworowy - N wall 450m, S-W 300-350m.
10. Ladovy Stit (Lodowy Szczyt) - N-W wall 450m.
11. Postredny Hrot (Posrednia Gran) - superb, massive mountain close to the hut, spectacular N face 450m, two other faces of 750 and 600m and two pillars.

Access from Zelenom Plese hut - 54 beds, tel: +421 52 4467420
12. Kolovy Stit (Kolowy Szczyt) - N-W wall 500m. Pysny Stit (Durny Szczyt) - E wall 400m, N-E 350m.
13. Lomnicky Stit (Lomnica) - W wall 400m TD+ to -ED "Hist.", two very obvious crack lines called Birkenmajera and Rysa Stanislawskiego, N 600m, E 600m.
14. Maly Kezmarsky Stit (Maly Kiezmarski Szczyt) - an outstanding N 900m wall TD- to ED- "Hist.", complicated structure. Zlota Turnia is its most interesting summit on the N-W ridge, on the top 3 ridges meet.
15. Kezmarsky Stit (Kiezmarski Szczyt) - N-W 500m ED and slabs on S wall.
16. Karbunkulovy Hreben (Jastrzebia Gran) - on its S wall set above Jagnieca Valley many interesting routes TD- to ED-.

17. Krivan (Krywan) - 1100m of which 500m proper wall TD+, the most remote westerly peak.
18. High Tatras Main Ridge - from Jahnaci Stit nort of Pri Zelnom Plese hut to Swinica on Polish side or to Krivan, around 100 hrs.

For more information about huts go to TANAP site

"Hist." - conquering certain routes on this wall was a historical milestone of Polish or Slovak climbing.