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Historically there were two periods of serious expansion of new ice routes in Slovak Tatras. The first wave of brave climbers came in the winters of 1980 and 1981 followed by another group in the period between 1992 and 1995. As a result in 1997 the Slovak climbing magazine "Jamesik" edited a short list of icefalls in the High Tatras. In the year 2000 they published a new updated and more extensive version of the previous list. Below you will find the essence of it. This list isn't complete and it doesn't include any icefalls on the Polish side. Generally, the valleys of Bielovodska, Jaworova and Kezmarska provide the most extensive choice. Velka Studena Valley is a good place for beginners. The locations of all icefalls are marked with a blue asterix on the High Tatras map or a Slovak map of Icafalls.

Icefalls in Bielovodska Valley - Bialej Wody (15 icefalls*)
1. Adin ?smev - on Czerwona Skalka, II/3, 3 pitches, 50-85°, first ascent 1982
2. Mrozekov lad - on Czerwona Skalka, II/4, 50m long, 85°, 10 Jan 1981, the most frequented in this region
3. Kask?dy - on Cisowa Czuba, II/3 do 3+, 3 pitches, 50-75°, 10 Jan 1981
4. Oci plné ladu - on Cisowa Czuba, left of Kaskady, II/ 4+ to 5, 3 pitches, 50-90°, 10 Jan 1981, the most serious and exposed icefall in this region. It is not always fully formed, and can collapse when the sun hits it
5. Vzduzn? lad - in a couloir of Cisowa Przelecz, left of Oci plné ladu. This freestanding icycle has never touched the ground. It was only top roped and never climbed from the ground II/4 Lady pod Skoru¹niakami on E wall of Skoruszowa Turnia, right of Maly Mlynarzowy Zleb, there are few short lines
6. Velk? Mlyn?rov Zlab - in Mlynarz Massive, III/3-4 up to 75°. In good conditions this offers beautifull ice climbing with alpine character. Altitude difference between the summit of Mlynarz and the valley is 1000m. High avalanche risk after fresh snow fall
7. Lad Mlyn?rov?ch zubov Dolina - in the middle of Wielki Mlynarzowy Zleb, in a couloir you can see slanting right 2 pitches long icefall
8. Lad pod Vyznou Mlyn?rovou kopu - need to get following Bialowodzkie Koryto, then take its left junction, follow the col between Kopy, II/4 to 4+, 50m, 80-90°
9. Cesk? lad - located on a step of Ciezki Staw, II/3 to 4+, three pitches, 60 to 90°, it is a popular icefall has seen many ascents, be carefull not to taka a bath in a stream under the ice
10. Alternativny lad - located in the left part of step of Doliny Ciezkiej, some 200m left of " Cesk? lad ", II/6, 3 pitches one of them delicate, march 2001
11. Lad vpravo od Mlyn?rov?ch Vidiel - in Ciezka Valley, II/3, 2 and one short pitches, 60-70°, in good conditions this could be alpine like climbing
12. Lad pod Rumanow?m Mnichom - in Kacza Valley, II/4 to 5, one pitch up to 90°
13. Skotsky Strik - in Kacza Valley, located in the right part of the step dividing Kacza Valley into two parts. Approach from Wielki Zleb onto Gerlachowskie Spady, turn right to steep icy couloir, III/4+, 3 pitches, 60-80°
14. Div? veza - left junction in Biala Woda Valley, in the valley of Swistowa, N-W wall of Dzikia Turnia, II/3+ to 4, 1 pitch up to 85°
15. Div? veza - right junction in Biala Woda Valley - in valley of Swistowa, N-W wall of Dzika Turnia, II/3+ to 4, 1 pitch up to 90°

Icefalls of Jaworova Valley (6 icefalls*)
16. Bratislavsk? lad - in Skrajna Rogowa Przelecz, III/5, 3 pitches up to 80°
17. Titanov? pasca - on the ridge of Rogowa Gran, IV/5+ to 6, six pitches up to 90°
18. Komin n?vratov - in a couloir leading onto Ryglowa Przelecz, III/4, 2 to 3 pitches up to 75°
19. Komin z?vratov - in Czarna Jaworowa Valley, on Mala Kapalkowa Turnia, IV/6, 4 exposed pitches up to 90°. First ascent 28 December 1981, never repeated, it is one of the most difficult ice falls in Tatras
20. Marekov lad on Wielkia Kapalkowa Turnia - located in Czarna Jaworowa Valley, III/5 to 5+, 50m long, 70 to 90°
21. SV roklina na Velk? Ladov? vezu - set on N-E wall of Wielka Kapalkowa Turnia, in Czarna Jaworowa Valley, approach it from Sniezna Valley, IV/4+, 7 pitches long to 80°

Icefalls of Kezmarska Valley (6 icefalls*)
22. Bocekov ladop?d - on Maly Kiezmarski Szczyt, in the section opening to Zloty Kociol, III/5 up to 90°
23. Biely kvet on Kiezmarska Kopa, II/3 to 5
24. Z?vojov? lad - in the left part of Dzika Valley step, II/5 one pitch
25. Lady do Malej Zmrzlej doliny - in a col on the step of Jastrzebia Valley, II/3, two pitches up to 70° good for learning. There are better formed and more difficult falls closer to Jastrzebia Turnia
26. Lad v Kozom - in Jagnieca Valley, the fall forms in S wall of Kozia Turnia, one pitch, good for learning
27. Lady pod Svistovkou - in the line of fall of Rakuska Kopa. All three ice falls that form there are good for learning

Icefalls of Mala Studena Valley - Zimna Woda pl (3 icefalls*)
28. Lomnick? lad - in the massive of Lomnica, access from Teryego couloir, located between W wall of Lomnica and W wall of Lomnicka Kopa, II/4+, two pitches to 90°
29. Cyklistyck? lad - in the left part of E Malea Zolta Sciana (little yellow wall), II/4 to 5, one pitch
30. Trenazér - in the exit of Zimna Woda Valley - on the ridge of Lomnica, close to the main tourist path called Magistrala, short falls good for beginners

Icefalls of Velka Studena Valley
- Starolesna pl (8 icefalls*)
31. Veverkov ladop?d - N-E wall of Slawkowski Szczyt, lower step of Zleb Veverki, II/4, one pitch 80°
32. Groszov lad - the lower part of Starolesna, located in Zleb Grosza in N-E wall of Slawkowski Szczyt, II/2+, two pitches 50-75°
33. Groszov lad - the upper part of Starolesna, on N-E wall of Zleb Grosza in Slawkowski Szczyt, II/3+ to 4 one pitch 75 to 85°
34. Bibin lad - in the lower part of N-E wall of Slawkowski Szyt, II/6, one pitch freee standing icicles to 90°
35. Stredohrot I - in the lower part of W wall of Posrednia Gran, rarely properly formed icycle II/4 to 4+
36. Stredohrot II - in the lower part of W wall of Posrednia Gran, right of the icicle II/4
37. Stredohrot III - in the lower part of W wall of Posrednia Gran, left of Zleb coming from Ciemniastej Przelecz, II/3
38. Ladop?d v z?hradk?ch - close to a col around Slawkowski Szczyt, in E wall of Slawkowskiego Grzbietu, II/5, 80m long, 90°, walk up there for 10mnts from the col in the direction of Starolesna Valley, then when approaching the col turn left onto Slawkowski Grzbiet

Icefalls of Velicka Valley (3 icefalls*)
39. Orolinov lad - in the lower part of Zleb Stolarczyka which comes from Staw Przeleczy, II/3
40. Sopel - located in Ponad Ogr?d Turni, II/5, two pitches to 90°, one of the best known icefalls
41. Nevestin z?voj - the lower step of Dwoisty Zleb, III/4, one pitch to 85°

Icefalls of Mengusovska Valley
(3 icefalls*)
42. Ostrva - at the exit of the valley in the lower part of W wall of Osterwa, III/3, 40m
43. Ladop?d v Patrii Mieguszowiecka - in the lower part of E wall of Skrajnej Baszty, II/3 to 4, 80°
44. Vysne Bastové sedlo - icefalls in a chimney starting from E wall, which leads to Wyznia Basztowa Przelecz. Classic mixed ground not always well formed

Other valleys (4 icefalls*)
45. Skok v Mlynickej doline - in Mlynicka Valley , I/2, 85°
46. Ladop?d do Velkej z?hradky - in Hlinska Valley, II/4+, 80m
47. Ladop?d do Malej z?hradky in Hlinska Valley, II/3
48. Evin lad Nefcerka Valley - Niewcyrki pl - in a couloir that falls from Skrajna Krywanska Szczerbina. At the bottom there is an icefall and a rocky step higher up, grade 5, A1

For photos of listed above icefalls go to: Slovak icefalls.