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Some people may ask: "why should I travel on low budget?". My answer is simple. If you choose money-poor-life you will discover your world saturates with time. Then you can fill it in with wealth of diverse experience. Budget independent travel puts you in direct contact with local people and offers greater challenges.

Encouraged by friends I decided to put some of my "alpine style travelling" experience and deriving from it thoughts in writing. I hope you will find this guide entertaining and at the same time it'll give you a good advice on how one can succeed in France on next to nothing.

Here you will be able to:
discover what's under the skin of French people and the real French culture,
learn a universal solution to avoiding the expensiveness of France,
read about French women and lingerie,
find out how and where sleep, eat and travel for next to nothing.

If you had to read just one page let it be Travellers' bullets summary. Print it out and take it with you for your low budget trip to France.
1 French women and lingerie
2 Keeping eyes and ears sharp
3 Welcome to The Shack
4 Travellers' bullets summary
5 Shopping and eating
6 How to sleep rough
7 Travelling and hitch-hiking
8 Breaking the "INTERDIT" rule
9 How the French fool the World